Honey Dips – Thoughts on 9/11

We remember it distinctly —- the day terrorism shook our worlds.

We remember where we were, who we were with and what we were doing; and even years after the tragedy, we still remember the feelings that filled our hearts.

Perhaps the most challenging part about remembering tragedies is that the memories still remain vivid and real, no matter the amount of years that have passed or the numerous changes that occurred in our lives after the tragedy….memories are dangerous long livers, never leaving the crevices of our hearts or the compartments of our minds.

Every year, I remember how I was filled to the brim of my heart with fear and anxiety….I knew evil existed in the world but I never knew of an evil that was capable of taking form as it did on 9/11.

That day expanded my understanding of the evil that exists in the world.

I remember how 9/11 made me feel on that tragic day and I can’t imagine the deep hurtful emotions that the tragedy released and still releases in those who lost their loved ones.

Tragedies like 9/11 change our lives forever. Whether we are directly or indirectly affected by such gruesome, unexplainable acts, we are never left the same.

There are many of us who have been plummeted by the overwhelming emotions birthed by a tragedy. Our hearts are heavy and weary and we search for constant peace and security as each day passes. We move through the maze of life hoping for an ounce of happiness. We live empty, burdened lives….the pain begins to change us and when we look into the mirror, we are unaware of the skeleton that stands in front of us.

We wonder if we will get through the pain and if God will help us to get through this season; we wonder if we can ever forgive ourselves, God and the individual(s) who caused us pain; we wonder if we will make it through this season of turbulence.

Today, you may be battling a pain that is common to man but unfamiliar to your spirit, you may feel like a stranger and wonder if you will last another day; you may be suffering in silence or secret or suffering on a grand scale….whatever the pain you are battling with…be encouraged that you will get through this pain with Christ as your guide. WE will get through this season, this period, this phase, this tragedy…it will not be a quick or pain free process but if we place every ounce of pain in the hand of God, He will use the mess for a greater purpose and move us through this pain until we are whole again.

Though the memories may never disappear, their impact on our emotions can lose their power, when we give God those vivid, hurtful memories.

God’s love will guide us to new friends, renewed purposes, and a new identity. God’s love will light up the darkness that exists in our hearts. God’s love will make us whole again.

In this your moment of pain, walk or crawl in the love of God for there is where wholeness will come.

– Dee

(c) 2013, Dentrecia Blanchette