Welcome to Sugarland!

A few years ago, in obedience, I created Sugar For Your Heart, a faith-based, lifestyle blog that’s focused on sharing the only cure for our hungry and hurting hearts – Jesus.

This ministry has morphed into something more than I could have strategically envisioned. God has increased its reached and healed my heart in the process.

Every day, through the leading of the Holy Spirit, I share a scripture to get us through the chaos ahead and an affirmation that we can internalize as we navigate through our varied professional and emotional mazes.

Every week, I serve a modest dose of sweet messages on faith, relationships and more recently wellness through Devotions.

This blog has become my quiet space that I am blessed to share with others; and I remain humbled that God has chosen an introverted, millennial like myself to encourage and uplift others through the ministry of sweet words.

In this space, I invite you to pull up a chair, relax and let us unpack the sugariness of the Bible together. I know it will do our emotions and minds good!

You can also follow the ministry on Instagram and Facebook as we have an active community in those spaces.

I look forward to connecting with you and more importantly, I look forward to hearing how the Holy Spirit allows you to experience divine spice and sweetness in your relationships, minds, bodies, careers and hearts, simply because you joined our safe, sweet space.