Honey Dips – Blind?

If you’ve ever seen the movie, The Book of Eli, you would know that the leading character, Eli, wanders through a post apocalyptic society that is devoid of faith. In the drifters possession is the bible, the coveted book, the only hope for the nihilistic society.

From village to village, this extreme survivor fluidly fights mobsters, hunts animals and survives while protecting and finding solace in the Bible …but more interesting than Denzil Washington’s acting skills in this film or the great lengths a hungry nation will go to receive salvation and the genius plot development of the writer, is the creative and unexpected twist that Eli is blind throughout the entire film. This twist is revealed creatively at the end of the movie.

Yes, a blind man moves through the wasteland of civilization guided by faith (and skill) fighting goons, overcoming obstacles…surviving with nothing but faith. Impressive.

So how can Eli’s blindness and keen faith as shown in the epic movie, serve as sweet inspiration for us? It provides us with a simple reminder: The child of God, the child of faith sees things through spiritual eyes…He/she walks in faith…lives by faith and sees more than what is visible to the natural eye.

Many of us are excellent business men, intelligent associates, faithful church members, profound thinkers, passionate change makers, loving partners and keen workers but we are blind to spiritual things. Our spiritual sights are myopic and we are unable to see the truth or the beauty beyond the visible and tangible. We walk more comfortably by sight, our intellect, our feelings, our convictions and according to a humanly crafted plan than by faith.

Our eyes are closed shut and our limited visions rob us of opportunities to see the consistent workings of God in our lives. The shadings of comparison, competition and
complaint prevent us from seeing our circumstances with bright spiritual sight. Our impatience, ignorance and cynicism close our eyes to God’s comforting truths.

Being blind in a society of vision seekers is the ailment of a generation that is too caught up with seeing things the way they prefer to see them. And interestingly, most of us are unaware of the true state of our spiritual vision.

Perhaps we need an encounter with Optometrist Jesus so that He can open our eyes, and enlighten our hearts. Perhaps with renewed vision and illumination, we will love each other more, forgive each other more, face disappointment with a little more courage, recover from temporal loss with a little more joy….depend on Christ a little more, share Christ with others a little more, smile more often, pray more often and walk boldly in faith. Perhaps with new vision our tempers and raging passions will become regulated…our words, thoughts and actions will reflect a deep wisdom that transcends our years of experience or intellectual capacities.

We need new eyes, new vision, a new perspective.

Truth be told, maybe we can be like Eli. We can live in a desolate wasteland, filled with sin, and move strictly by faith….not by sight….fighting warlords of every kind…believing that the word of God is stronger and greater than our present battles.

I encourage you to ask God to open your eyes to a calming revelation this week. Ask Him to give you spiritual eye salve, a special anointing so that you can see the invisible and understand the things that are much greater and deeper than the present things you feel, see and experience.


(c) 2014, Dentrecia Blanchette


Honey Dips – Trust the God of Answers

eaAs we glide our way through the changes and challenges of a new year, our need for answers and solutions will increase. I’m reminding you today that God already has an answer and solution to your particular situation.

He says in Isaiah 65: 25, “before they call, I will answer; and while they are yet speaking, I will hear.”

Throughout history, we have seen the promptitude of omniscience God exercises time after time. He has been proven to provide answers and solutions to the deepest questions and greatest needs of humanity. This is a God who foresees our need and arranges providence; a God who hears the whispers of our hearts while we are uttering the very prayer for help; a God who provides the answers in a perfect time and place; a God who already has a plan for our comfort, restoration and deliverance before the trial assails us!

You may be wondering: How can I rebound from this disappointment that is killing my spirit? How can I find balance and cope with the demands and stresses? How can I defeat depression…so early in a new year? How can I quiet my raging boisterous thoughts and have peace of mind? How can I be confident with all these sudden changes in my life? How can I overcome this deep hurt and loneliness? How can I press through the mess when nothing seems to change for the better? How can I pursue this dream when everything is working against me?

Can you surrender your worries to God even for a second?

I encourage you to walk in faith knowing that you have God’s ear; He has heard your heart’s whispers and He will supply you with an answer that is needed to give you the extra push to move forward. Keep your heart open to God’s sustaining truth and comforting answers – He has a way of providing  answers to our questions in and through the most unexpected places and persons.

– Dee

(c) 2014, Dentrecia Blanchette

Honey Dips – Emotionally Wounded

“If you were treating the open wounds of accident victims you would realize that the most gentle, well-meaning touch could send patients reeling. You would not be offended if someone you were seeking to help lashed out in pain with almost involuntary action. You would half expect it. But imagine the confusion if the wounds were invisible and the person looked uninjured. Consider the further complication if in that person’s experience everyone who had tried to help (and how does he know you will be any different?) had in their ignorance done little but inflict pain.”

Emotionally wounded people cannot help but be highly sensitive. Words hit them like whips. It is vital then that they be treated verbally with the careful tenderness you would use if you were dressing gaping physical wounds. Once we understand the seriousness of emotional wounds, it’s surprisingly easy to employ the Christlike graces of turning the other cheek and using the soft answer that turns away wrath.

When we realize an outburst is just the pain talking, we no longer take it to heart. Only a fool takes personally the actions of someone drunk with pain. Now, there is no excuse for being rude and disrespectful. But let’s try for a minute to look at everyone through Gods eyes, and maybe understand that alot of it is rooted in deepest inner pain and insecurities, we will be less quick to harshly judge and hurt them even further. Sometimes we give up too quickly on those whom God sends our way to help. Instead of attacking them, how can we make a difference in their lives?

Do you know someone in your own life who just can’t seem to be positive, ever? Who is rude, and aggressively annoying? Can we look beyond our own offense, and extend God’s Love towards them…even while they are doing things we don’t necessarily like or agree with?

Most Christian’s don’t do this regularly, and instead chose to run and hide from what they consider as an ‘evil society’. Although it is a call for them to show love and minister daily by virtue of their own beliefs. How else will those people ever get to know the Love of God?

– Dee

(c) 2014, Dentrecia Blanchette

Honey Dips – It begins with prayer….

Many persons are searching for answers and quick fixes and many have been introduced to the dark side in their search and have remained trapped, not knowing that they have an option to be saved or a Saviour who can save them – Jesus.

Many have been tricked by the flare and glamor, the excitement and fame and have remained trapped in the web of darkness, thinking that “this is life” or that what they are experiencing is “normal”, not knowing that there is a way out of the darkness.

There is a battle for the soul of every human being. And the devil will wine and dine you until you give in to him and when you do, he will treat you well for a season but when he has finished using you, abusing you and accusing you, he will destroy you and yes that refers to death! The devil has nothing good in his plan for any of us.

I am not sure what you may be facing right now — you may be surrounded by darkness and feel like the devil has won in your life. I am not sure how far in the park of darkness you have been playing or how long you have been flirting with darkness, evil and the devil; I am not even sure how deep you are in your sin or how willing you are to be saved but I want to encourage you to seek God with all your heart and He will deliver you!

Oh friend, God is able! He is GREATER than any other, after all He is GOD! He is greater than your pain, traps and hurts.

And maybe you may have no clue how to truly seek God, how to want Him like a thirsty lamb in a desert – don’t worry God has a way of sending the right people at the right time to give us a message to boldly walk into His light.

It begins with constant prayer and an opened spirit to God’s powerful love.

– Dee

(c) 2014, Dentrecia Blanchette