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Feed your soul on uplifting Christian books!

Great books speak to the core of our hearts and shift our perspective to see beyond the ordinary. They find a place in our minds and surface when we need just the right amount of encouragement to make it through a rough situation.

That is the power of great books – they shift our perspective, speak to our hearts and change our thoughts and lives.

This is why every month we commit ourselves to reading one book that can change our lives through our SugaryReads Challenge.

Every week, we share our main highlights on SugaryReadsSundays and feature a review of the book at the end of the month

Our book of the month is ‘Divine Direction: 7 decisions that will change your life’ by Craig Groeschel.


“Every day we make choices. And those choices accumulate and eventually become our life story. What would your life look like if you became an expert at making those choices?

In this inspiring guidebook, New York Times bestselling author Craig Groeschel shows how the choices that are in your power, if aligned with biblical principles, will lead to a life you’ve never imagined.

Divine Direction will help you seek wisdom through seven principles. You’ll consider one thing to stop that’s hindering you; how to start a new habit to re-direct your path; where you should stay committed; and when you should go even if it’s easier to stay. The book also includes criteria that will help you feel confident in the right choice, and encourages you with principles for trusting God with your decisions.”

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