Faithful even while hidden

The Lord was serious when he had declared in 2 kings 9: 6 – 8, that the whole house of Ahab would perish.

For years, the house of Ahab worshipped Baal and practiced idolatrous customs. It was a level of apostasy that God did not tolerate; and He commissioned Jehu to “smite the house of Ahab” to avenge the blood of His prophets and people. The anointed Jehu, did as he was commanded and word soon spread of the general execution.

When Jezebel’s daughter heard of this, she declared that all descendants of David who were eligible to the throne be killed. As the massacre took place, Jehoiada, the high priest, hid Joash within the temple for six years.

While hidden, Joash was raised up in the fear of the Lord. It was this spiritual foundation that later served him well as he was crowned and anointed king at the tender age of seven.

I am deeply touched by the wisdom of Jehoiada.

There are times, when we too should allow her wisdom to prevail in our lives.

We may have to keep a vision hidden from those around us, so that in the quiet, God can mold and shape the plan to His liking. Then, there are times, when we may have to make a sacrificial decision to protect God’s word in our lives – we may have to walk away from certain friendships; we may also be called to protect God’s name by boldly living out our Christian principles, in spaces with little regard for God. It takes tremendous courage to live within each circumstance.

Still, I feel one of the hardest things to do is to remain hidden like little Joash – unseen, unrecognized, seemingly forgotten – until God is ready to elevate us. This may mean being faithful on a job where your talent is not valued or pouring into a ministry or pursuit that seems to be going nowhere or serving someone who is never appreciative of your efforts.

God sees the faith that is needed to survive in the quiet and seemingly hidden places, and He is willing to shape, strengthen and prepare us, while there, for what’s next.



(c) 2018, Dentrecia Blanchette