A love so bold

Without question, it is easy to be cynical. It is easy to be critical. It is easy to distance yourself. It is safe to be bitter. It’s easy to be hostile. But it takes courage to forgive. It takes courage to keep on loving. It takes courage to live with your heart exposed and vulnerable, open and committed to showing and being love. It takes courage to have a purposeful heart in a strained relationship and unfair circumstance.

That courage to love boldly is what Hosea had in his marriage to Gomer.

Gomer, as you know, had a questionable reputation. She was a promiscuous woman.

Still God commanded Hosea to marry her and commit himself to her.

Hosea obeyed God, married Gomer and soon their marriage faltered after she was unfaithful to him.

Even after the deep betrayal, God told Hosea to do the unthinkable: “Show your love to your wife again.” And, as always, Hosea obeyed God and forgave Gomer.

I want you to remind you that it is okay to forgive someone who did the unthinkable to you. Such persons more than ever require your forgiveness and that bold type of love.

They need the love that Christ has showered you with. Your coworker needs that bold love. Your parent needs that bold love. Your children need love. Your estranged friend needs love. Your boss needs that love. Your accuser needs that love.

Whomever your Gomer is …they need that love that we can only give after we have experienced God’s grace in a personal way.

It’s a magnificent challenge and most days, a seemingly impossible command, but Christ never calls us to do anything without offering help. He says, “Let me show you how to love. Just give me your heart. Let me surprise you with the power of love. Let me show you the power of love.”

Be scandalously brave and love – “even when it’s hard; even when it hurts; even when you are crucified; even when it doesn’t make sense.” For, only the brave, love.



(C) 2018, Dentrecia Blanchette