Shut the Devil down

Even before Jesus was met by the devil in the wilderness, God was part of the scene. The scripture reveals that Jesus was “led by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil.”

With every temptation thrown at Him, Jesus quoted Deuteronomy as He answered, “It is written …”. He didn’t think of the words of the enemy or even dialogue with the enemy like Eve did back in Genesis. He stood in the word of God and used it as His shield and sword.

That’s how we have to “shut the devil down” … with the truth of God.

And even before we could shut down the tempting suggestions of the enemy, we have to be able to spot and identify the enemy. Sometimes, we have difficulty identifying the enemy, the schemes of the enemy or anyone who works as a tool for the enemy.

But, anything and anyone who speaks and acts against the promises of God in your life is of the enemy. Anything that shifts your focus from the work that God is completing within you or the assignment He has called you to, is of the enemy.

Spotting the enemy offered Jesus the proper perspective to reframe the suggestions thrown at Him. Similarly, only when we spot the enemy, can we reframe his schemes and address his distractions from a place that’s grounded in the word of God.

May God grant us the right perspective to see beyond the smoke and give us the ability to recognize that good things can come from stressful situations and terrible schemes.



(C) 2017, Dentrecia Blanchette