A Different Kind of Wonderful

The villagers were disgusted with their rat-infested community. The rodents had become a nuisance to every member and something had to be done! In desperation, they demanded of their governmental representatives that the rats be destroyed or else they would remove the governing body out of power.

The governing body explored options to alleviate the rat problem but every option was laced with an appendix of problems. There seemed to be no viable option. Alas, an eccentric, mangy piper with colorful garb appeared with a solution that he called “a secret charm.” He explained that his flute had to the power to lead creatures wherever he desired them to go. The governing body examined the man. A skeptical member asked the total cost and the piper echoed “1000 gilders.” The numbers seemed appropriate. The piper seemed genuine. The community needed a solution. The governing body took up the piper on his offer.

As soon as the piper went outside, he began to play his flute. A sea of rats followed him as he played and he led them into the river where they all drowned. The piper pleased with his work, returned to the governing body and requested his money. The governing body apologized to the piper and gave him 50 gilders instead of the agreed 1000 gilders.

This breach in agreement angered the piper and he headed to the streets and played his flute. This time, the children of the town began to follow him and he took them into a nearby mountain where they “disappeared” with him. The community members and parents stood transfixed unable to move to save their children from the hypnotic control of the piper.

Our hearts are infested with a sin problem and we have explored multiple options to fix this problem. However each option was pregnant with one problem after the other. And in the midst of our despair and desperation, a piper appeared with a quick fix solution. His claims seemed affordable and enticing and we made a contract with him. This piper – Satan- pulled out his flute/ his attractions and whiffed us away down a seemingly enchanting path. We were hypnotized by the temporary blend of attractions and lulled into stupor until we became slaves to every musical note of the piper. We found ourselves following the magical notes of “love” and “success” only to realize that these notes were flawed when compared to God’s standard.

I found myself lulled by the staccato rhythm of the piper into pursuing love interests that were not approved by God. They were colorful and exciting but they led me further away from God’s will. Thankfully, with a consist, heart rendering, ballad of grace, God gently pulled me away from the reigns of the “piper.” God opened the curtains of my heart with each love note and exposed my faulty affections and perceptions concerning dating and love. He called me to disengage my heart from unChristlike desires and untangled my heart, string by string, from the deathly grasp of the piper.

At first the notes of God clashed with the chords played by the piper. But after multiple push and pull episodes, God’s notes of love spoke to every muscle within me and my soul responded. I soon found myself seeking God rather than a replacement of God. Day after day, I intentionally pursued His glory and submerged myself in His Word …. I allowed Him to sanctify my mind and heart and cultivate the fruit of His Spirit within my spirit. With each step forward with Christ, the pull of the piper lost its power, my perception was shifted, and my desires were transformed.

Now, while the beat of God’s love anthem moved me toward a deeper encounter with Him, He brought a God-fearing friend into my life by the name of Lon. Between the booming friendship and spiritual compatibility and the signature of Jesus that was seen in everything this guy touched in my life, I fell in love with his heart. Every word he uttered was grounded in scripture and the Holy Spirit guided every act he committed. He kissed my life with consistent actions that are governed by God’s word. He complemented my spirituality and understood my humanity.

Whether it was through respecting emotional and physical boundaries or embracing new spiritual plateaus together, my Lon, followed God’s compass. And in honor of our obedience to His principles, God aligned our hearts together, created emotional intimacy, and directed us into the purpose that He has for both our lives as a couple and as individuals.

Every step taken in my relationship brings me closer to Jesus. This was the gift I received when I moved in the direction of God’s ballad of grace – He gave me more than I could have asked for.

You may be programmed to follow the leading of the piper, unaware of the destruction that awaits you or perhaps every time you receive the wisdom to follow the gentle ballad of grace, you are held captive by the colorful distractions of the piper. Be reminded that God’s musical notes of grace are more powerful that the pull of the piper and can lead you back to a Savior who desires the best for every aspect of your life.

I invite you to pause, unplug and listen to the soothing ballad God is playing to usher you back into His will. Can you hear it? It’s unlike anything you’ve ever heard on earth. It is pure and divine. It is consistent and unconditional. It is patient and faithful. It is vibrant and penetrating. It is personal and healing. It is grace.

Would you allow God’s pull of love to lead you to your blessing?

I assure you, when we surrender and obediently move in the direction of God’s call and bidding, He will give us blessings that are better than the life we dreamed of.

He will give us a different kind of wonderful.

– Dee

(c) 2014, Dentrecia Blanchette

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