Finish First, Finish Strong

He found himself running a race and he was falling farther and farther behind his competitors. His friends cheered him on from the sidelines but to no avail. Then suddenly his lips began to move, his legs picked up speed and to the amazement of the entire crowd watching the race, he passed his competitors one by one and won the race!

After he was awarded a medal, and received congratulations from his team and coach, he turned to his friends. One friend asked, “We saw your lips moving, but we couldn’t make out what you were saying. What were you mumbling out there?”

The man replied, “Oh I was talking to God. I told Him, ‘Lord you pick them up and I’ll put them down.”

Today, be reminded that more powerful than words spoken to one’s self are words spoken to God through prayer. Prayer is our secret to success. Whether we are in the courtroom or on the track, in the office or the home, prayer is the secret to success.

At any time of our day, we can approach God and share with Him our fears, pains and hopes. He will not close His ears to the “mumblings” of our hearts and spirits.

If we are emotionally fatigued, spiritually depressed or professionally stressed…. We can speak to God. If we are experiencing a great strain in our time of weakness…. We can speak to God. If we are unsure about what direction we should take….We can speak to God. When we offer words to God constantly from the depths of our hearts; He showers us with energy and wisdom to run our race.

As we run our race throughout the day, let us be comforted knowing that “The Lord will certainly hear and answer the prayers of His workers if (we) will seek Him for counsel and instruction.” (Ellen G. White, Pr.34). God is able to renew our strength that has been stolen or depleted.

Before we throw our hands in the air and give up or call a friend in frustration let us take a moment and “mumble” to God …. He will supply us with strength to not only “finish first but strength to finish strong”.

– Dee

(c) 2014, Dentrecia Blanchette