Grace Keeps Me above the Waves


You step out of your comfort ‘boat’ and begin to faithfully glide on the waves to your God-sized calling.

The winds beat against your fragile spirit. The waves are taller than you are. The rains pound on your heart and you become worried, exhausted, anxious, and insecure. This is bigger than anything you have ever experienced.

You realize that you are in a storm. Did God call you to move through a storm?

You continue to move forward anyway.

You pause to calm your spirit.

You take a minute to look back to see how far you have come from. You take a glimpse at what surrounds you.

Suddenly, you begin to sink.


Like Peter in Matthew 14, God has called us to unfamiliar places where logic and resources are powerless. The Wave-Calmer has invited us on a transformational stroll on the waves with Him.

We said yes to His call – yes to pursuing that dream that is beyond our resources and reasoning; yes to unsettling but divine and God-kissed change; yes to loving the ‘diamonds in the rough’ that have been placed in our lives.

Somewhere between launching out into the deep with God and trusting Him on our faith stroll, we attracted the attention of others and the enemy. Anxiety found a place in our hearts and carefully crafted daggers are thrown our way daily.

Overwhelmed and vulnerable, we take our eyes off of Jesus…only for a second…and we find ourselves…SINKING!


When you find yourself SINKING call unto God like Peter!

When Peter found himself sinking he uttered three words, “Lord Help Me!” Peter’s cry for help wasn’t filled with intellectual flowering or pride-filled fluff. It was short, sincere and sharp – it was a desperate cry for help – for Peter recognized that God was his only hope.

Are you sinking?

Cry out to God – He will rescue you as He rescued Peter. God doesn’t require a flamboyant monologue but a genuine dialogue. Genuine prayer to God is not an archaic act for “old-fashioned church-folk” but an all-important essential in the life of the present day follower of Christ.

Ellen G White says, “Those who have a humble, trusting, contrite heart, God accepts, and hears their prayer; and when God helps, all obstacles will be overcome.” Ellen G. White.

When we mess up and lose our focus, God does not leave us to drown in deep waters of mistakes, shame and regret. He gives us a second chance. He takes our hand, walks us into His presence and showers us with mercy not punishment or condemnation. I love His love – it doesn’t meet us where we are with a whip or a score card blotched with all the wrongs we have done. God’s love meets us with gentleness and grace. I think that is blessed because it is not every day we can find someone who will give us a second chance.

God gives us second chances and His grace keeps us above the waves.

“The faithful love of the Lord never ends! His mercies never cease. Great is his faithfulness; his mercies begin afresh each morning.” Lamentations 3: 22- 23.

You don’t have to sink in sin or “circumstances; you can learn to calmly walk on boisterous waves with Jesus as your guide…just look beyond the waves and emotions, cry out to God and allow His presence to rescue your spirit and keep you above the waves.

May we totally trust the Wave-Calmer this week….


(c) 2014, Dentrecia Blanchette