Deep-rooted Desire or Declaration?


“Do you want to get well?” That is the question Jesus asked the lame man who made the pool of Bethesda his “place of comfort” for 38 years.

The lame man made an excuse. Jesus commanded him to take up his mat and walk. The man picked up the mat and walked. He was healed.

Today God is asking us a similar question: “Do we want to get well?”

Do we really want things to change or is that a fickle desire we “think” is best? Are we ready to leave behind all of the excuses and faithfully embrace God’s grace? Are we ready to change our lifestyle habits or does it take too much effort on our part? Do we really want to restore that broken relationship with that individual who hurt us or is it easier to “love them” from a distance? Are you really prepared to seek help to overcome our bad habits or is it more comfortable keeping our darling sins to ourselves? Are we prepared to place ourselves in the arms of God and trust His timing and methods of healing?

Many of us desire to be healed but we aren’t ready to make the necessary changes that are required; deep in our hearts we believe that the emotions and vices we struggle with are stronger than any form of help anyone can offer. Our paralyses have defined our lives and we have become comfortable with the dysfunction that we exist in.

Today, God is calling us to live healthier emotional, physical and spiritual lives. He is beckoning to us to “take up our mats and walk” toward healing in faith. He is reaching out to us through various experiences to release the toxicity from our lives and leave the excuses behind. He is whispering, “I have this. Let me heal you. Just move in faith. Choose faith over fear.”

I’m encouraging you to claim your Overcomers status and walk with Jesus into an encounter that is stronger than every vice and emotion we struggle with.

Let your deep-rooted desire for healing lead you to take faith-filled actions with Jesus.

Remember, there isn’t an earthly pit that is so deep and dark that Jesus’ arms cannot rescue.

Blessed love!


(c) 2014, Dentrecia Blanchette