Packaged within each of our hearts is a dream, a purpose, a calling, given to us by God. These dreams defy logical marketing, human understanding and our present capabilities.

They are big and powerful.

But sometimes the vibrations of God-given dreams are muffled by the noises around and within us. Sometimes we allow fear instead of faith to lead us…other times we are too afraid to pursue the things God has called us to, because we deeply believe that it is not who we should be or could be at our very core. Other times, we fruitlessly try to neatly package these dreams using our human capital, capabilities and intelligences – so they can be more stylish, more politically correct, more socially acceptable, more doable.

God wants to collide with your human effort to create something beautiful for His glory. He wants to redefine your focus so that you can maximize your life’s potential. He wants to take you to that utopian state where your uniqueness and talent and skill can be used to honor Him. He wants you to take a leap of faith….believing that wherever the leap takes you, He is by your side ready to qualify, equip and help you.

It is my prayer that you dare to believe that God wants you (in all your humanity) to sing His love song in your own unique voice to those around you through your dreams and passions.

There is a work, a calling, a purpose for each of us to do as Godly stewards but we must first look beyond our limitations to the limitless God who has called us.

Take the leap!

– Dee

(c) 2014, Dentrecia Blanchette