Honey Dips – Unloved, unrecognized, unseen

“The greatest gift I can conceive of having from anyone is to be seen by them….to be understood by them.” – Virginia Satir

Despite the amount of platforms for connection that our age has afforded us, social loneliness is still a very real emotion many of us struggle with.  It’s a sobering reality when we truly consider the ineffectiveness of the tools that were created to help us build roads toward connectivity but rather build walls of separation instead.
Despite the innumerable amount of activities that set our social landscapes ablaze, many of us still feel like a fly on the wall – invisible, overlooked, insignificant and ignored. It renders us hopeless knowing that our days can be filled to the rim with people, pursuits, passions and personalities yet at the end of the day we feel….alone.
The truth is emotional neglect and loneliness cut the soul like a knife – it’s a bloody and painful feeling. And to muffle the feeling, we manipulate what and who we can to be seen and change ourselves to be recognized and loved. The hoops we jump through to feel wanted, loved and cared for, often leave us emotionally exhausted and bruised.
But there is a remedy for those who feel unseen, unloved and unrecognized —- God’s attention is the remedy – His care is the answer – His love is the missing piece to the puzzle.
There is a God whose watchful eye sees our every experience, desire, need and tear. There is a God who sees those who have been intentionally imprisoned by the confines and labels of others – consider Joseph in the pit; a God who sees those who are rejected and unloved by the ones their hearts beat for – consider Hagar and her story of unrequited love; a God who sees those who are high in status and influence but are in need of something more – consider Zacchaeus. There is a God who sees us…and loves us. He pays constant attention to the little and big things in our lives…and unconditionally showers us with affection. No occurrence is too small that God has not taken notice; no moment is too large, tragic, overwhelming….that God has not taken notice.
Today, know that you are seen and valued by God. In the eyes of the King of the Universe you are significant, loved and special.
– Dee
(c) 2014, Dentrecia Blanchette