Honey Dips – Trust the God of Answers

eaAs we glide our way through the changes and challenges of a new year, our need for answers and solutions will increase. I’m reminding you today that God already has an answer and solution to your particular situation.

He says in Isaiah 65: 25, “before they call, I will answer; and while they are yet speaking, I will hear.”

Throughout history, we have seen the promptitude of omniscience God exercises time after time. He has been proven to provide answers and solutions to the deepest questions and greatest needs of humanity. This is a God who foresees our need and arranges providence; a God who hears the whispers of our hearts while we are uttering the very prayer for help; a God who provides the answers in a perfect time and place; a God who already has a plan for our comfort, restoration and deliverance before the trial assails us!

You may be wondering: How can I rebound from this disappointment that is killing my spirit? How can I find balance and cope with the demands and stresses? How can I defeat depression…so early in a new year? How can I quiet my raging boisterous thoughts and have peace of mind? How can I be confident with all these sudden changes in my life? How can I overcome this deep hurt and loneliness? How can I press through the mess when nothing seems to change for the better? How can I pursue this dream when everything is working against me?

Can you surrender your worries to God even for a second?

I encourage you to walk in faith knowing that you have God’s ear; He has heard your heart’s whispers and He will supply you with an answer that is needed to give you the extra push to move forward. Keep your heart open to God’s sustaining truth and comforting answers – He has a way of providing  answers to our questions in and through the most unexpected places and persons.

– Dee

(c) 2014, Dentrecia Blanchette