2013 Lessons = 2014 Weapons of Wisdom

Everyday offers us an opportunity to become a more loving, peaceful and purposeful version of who we were created to be. With each experience, we are presented the gift of a lesson that we can willingly learn or regrettably ignore. 2013 was a year of changes and that is the essence of life – change; it was also a year defined by life lessons that challenged my values and forced me to reevaluate my resolves, commitments and “truths.”

My top seven life lessons that I learnt in 2013 that can be applied in 2014 are:

1) There is no substitute for God. There is no relationship, job opportunity or person accomplishment that can replace the place reserved for God alone in our hearts. When we acknowledge God’s sovereignty and power we experience inexplicable and incomparable peace and joy.

2) When we dethrone Christ from being King in our lives, we experience deep disappointment. God is in control and despite our best efforts to assert our lordship over our lives, the creator of this universe defines our existence and has the final say on everything that occurs in our lives. We can’t manipulate God, neither can we control Him. We might as well learn to trust Him as He leads our lives or prepare ourselves for self-destruction.

3) Sometimes it is easier to quit on our dreams, relationships and pursuits because of the occurrence of slow progressive place instead of remaining steadfast to the things that are important to us. Slow pace is progress and every good and worthwhile pursuit requires as much passion as well as patience. Trust God with your journey as you journey together.

4) The deepest heartaches birth the strongest and most compassionate spirits. Heartaches and disappointments are as much a part of life as death and the ushering in and closure of seasons. We can’t outrun heartache or protect ourselves from its painful pangs. What we consider as a tragedy, God considers an opportunity to grow. There is purpose in our pain. Allow the failures, disappointments and heart aches to drive you closer to Christ, making you more aware of His power and grace.

5) At the loss of anything that was sacred or special to us, we have two choices; 1) to transition through a grieving process that will ultimately make us stronger or 2) remain in a pit of sadness and self-pity. It is best to choose to be authentic with the grieving process – cry, weep, grieve….and in all your sadness, pray to God like never before and listen to His voice and embrace His spirit of comfort. Sometimes all we can do in our grieving process is feel….feelings are not always right but they are always real….trust God with your feelings (ask Him to control them) ; trust God with your grieving process, trust God when it hurts.

6) Some individuals are only tools sent to us by God for a season, not treasures to be kept in our lives forever. Learn to appreciate the roles of others in your present life and learn to discern when their role has expired. Knowing when to let go and hold on to relationships can stunt our growth or propel us upward to the riches God has in store for us.

7) It is often easier to jump on the boat of anger and frustration when the madness around us becomes overwhelming. But God has offered us a blessed assurance that can help us to choose to respond in peace and love at all times. God says, “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.” John 14:27. When we embrace God’s peace and love in our lives, we respond to expected and unexpected situations in love.

My top seven lessons that I will treasure as I move forward in 2014!

Share with me the lessons you have learnt in 2013 that you are applying in 2014?

– Dee

(c) 2014, Dentrecia Blanchette