Honey Dips – Freetown

The deep disgust that most of us feel toward slavery is indicative of our support of freedom and justice. We can’t support a system that treats others as if they are property. We can’t support a system that keeps man in bondage, separates him from his family and exposes him to extreme cruelties. Our God is opposed to slavery as well and we clearly observe this in the account of Moses and Aaron who were commissioned to lead the Israelites into freedom, out of the bondage imposed by Pharaoh.

The lives of the Israelites were made bitter with hard service, with mortar and brick. (Exodus 1: 14). Pharaoh ruthlessly overworked them and they were abused, oppressed and degraded. Still, God had a plan to deliver them from Egyptian bondage.

There are many different forms of slavery that plague our world and lives today. Many are slaves to depression, procrastination, harmful substances. Some are slaves to the mind games and battles that occur within; others are slaves to investments, achievements, entertainment and pleasure. But, just as He offered the Israelites a way of escape out of slavery in the days of old, God offers us a way of escape from our varied enslaving “masters” at the beginning of a new year. He has been nudging us to boldly take a leap of faith and trust Him more than the comfort of our bondages; He has been calling us to return to Him in 2013, but fear triumphed over faith, every time and in this new year He will continue His relentless pursuit to help us to choose and embrace His offered freedom.

I encourage you to respond to the call in love for there is real freedom in God. Freedom from addictions, the mind games, the self-defeating habits and behaviors, the fears, the mini-gods.  Freedom from any giant the devil can and will throw your way. Let us not spend a new year complaining, blaming or comparing ourselves to others….let us take a journey with God to a place of blissful freedom. On your journey, expect giants…don’t lose faith…the giants are there to strengthen your faith muscle; expect rejection from some (consider John 15: 18 – 20); expect some growing pains….there is no growth without discomfort…we will be stretched and strengthened but most of all, expect to be delivered by God.

May you develop patience to trust God’s timing to deliver you ….. God doesn’t always remove us from our prisons or crucibles on our time table. May you confidently live in trust, always expecting God to deliver you because He has done that in the past. May you journey with God in peace because “our price has been paid by our Savior. No one need be enslaved by Satan. Christ stands before us as our all-powerful helper.” Ellen G. White, Selected Messages, Book 1, page 309. May you not only be freed but come out stronger and wiser too.

Freedom in Christ is yours in 2014; I dare you to journey with God and claim it!

 Question: What changes must you make in your life in order to develop a closer walk with God? What prevents you from taking a leap of faith and trusting Him to deliver you? What habits must you cultivate as you journey with Him on Freedom’s Road?

 Prayer: Lord, give me the courage to trust you more than the habit or situation that enslaves me.

P.S. Share with me your freedom story if you have been delivered from that which previously enslaved you.

– Dee

(c) 2013, Dentrecia Blanchette

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