Honey Dips – We’ve come this Far

We’ve come far from who we used to be but not far enough. This is in the ongoing cry for many Christians who have become impatient with the pace of the growth that is occurring within them. For some of us our growth and deliverance from an issue cannot come soon enough. This waiting period, this period of transition, this fixing period often seems like a death sentence.

Think of the Israelites on their way to the promised land…the journey was far from rosy. Think of Noah who prepared for a flood, something new to his time, one hundred and twenty years. Think of Moses who was prepared for His calling, eighty years in training. Think of David who was a shepherd for years before he was appointed as king.

Sometimes God takes His time to prepare us for greater or remold us in His image. He may take His time but He never stops working in us, developing and perfecting us. The period may be unfavorable and we may even become discouraged because of the slow growth we are seeing in ourselves but don’t allow the slowness to force you to look downward and doubt the hand of a God who in the past, in your life and the lives of others, have proven to turn every evil thing into a good thing in His time.

God always completes the task he has begun in a time that is best regardless of how long it takes.

God is working on your attitude, fears, pride, dreams, heart and mind….He is working on them consistently, perfectly, and lovingly.

When you are discouraged, remember that God won’t give up on you. When you feel incomplete or distressed by your shortcomings, life’s difficulties or uncertainties, always remember His promises and provisions for your life. He is not man that He will lie and the scriptures cannot be broken either.

Don’t give up on yourself or God because He is too wise and loving to allow sin to have a permanent claim on your life. He is too gracious to allow your bad habits and past to rob you of a glittering future.

If you are feeling discouraged by the slow pace that you are experiencing growth…return to your Creator, the Potter, God and be honest with Him. Allow Him to give you peace and change your perspective.

– Dee

(c) 2013, Dentrecia Blanchette