New Song

Like a classical Beethoven symphony that calms every faculty of the mind on a stressful winter day, pain produces a song that makes us stronger and calmer.

The story is told of two maestros who heard a promising young soprano. One commented on the purity of her voice. The other responded, “Yes, but she’ll sing better once her heart is broken.”

Perhaps there are certain passions and disciplines that are only learned by pain.

God often uses pain to reveal the crookedness of our ways, to redirect us unto a path that is in accordance to His plan for our lives, to make us better, improve our characters and refine our spirits. Pain builds character and like the pain we experience when our muscles are being built while exercising….pain builds our faith muscle.

The mature Christian recognizes that every pain and heart ache he experiences has the power to be a teaching tool, an opportunity for growth and a faith or heart builder OR pain has the power to kill our spirits, crush our hearts and cloud our vision and lead us blindly into the deep, dark pits of self-pity and bitterness.

The mature Christian knows that when faced with pain, he has a choice – to choose to see the good of the moment (through spiritual eyes) or become consumed with the evident bad of the moment.

Hebrews 12:11 says “No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it.” 

We can’t deny it but pain is as much a part of life as death. We can’t escape it but we can learn how to respond to it and overcome it. You may have every reason to be bitter and downtrodden but I am encouraging you to look to Jesus, focus on Him because even in the most tragic and painful experiences God is near and He has a dose of peace and enlightenment to offer to you that will defy the strongest bouts of pain that you experience.

For the sake of the song, endure the pain you are experiencing with God at your side. For the sake of the song, don’t allow pain to conquer your spirit. For the sake of the song, don’t allow pain to cloud the vision of peace and prosperity that God has placed on your heart.

– Dee

(c) 2013, Dentrecia Blanchette