I don’t trust you

When human relationships fail and we are left bruised and disappointed; we unconsciously and sometimes consciously close our hearts to any future pain because to be void of emotions is easier than dealing with a broken hurt. But the truth is when we close our hearts to pain and hurt, we also close our hearts to love and hope and we die a little everyday until we are unable to recognize ourselves.

Most of us turn to God because, He is our last resort, but our fear of pain manifests itself in our spiritual relationship with God as well. We find it difficult to trust God because of our past hurt. How can we trust a God whom we cannot see after the persons we can see have hurt us? Our pain leaves no room for faith to be experienced by our hearts. It takes too much energy to have faith.

But God is not like man. He doesn’t hurt, harm or hate. For many of us that is a difficult fact to accept much less digest because EVERY single individual whom we trusted betrayed and hurt us. Does God accept my unbelief? No. But He accepts your genuine desire to prove Him and be filled by Him and experience His lasting glory.

I am encouraging you to take a chance with God with an open mind and heart. Chronicle your walk with Him. Be upfront with Him about your fear of being hurt by Him and allow Him to dispel your fears and doubts, one loving act at a time.

Your distrust may be seen by others or it may be covered up perfectly, but I assure you, it wearies the soul and leaves you withered and unhappy. We were made to love and to love, we must first trust and to trust, we must give a chance. Why not give God your distrust, your heart ache and prove Him to be the God who is nothing like mankind.

– Dee

(c) 2013, Dentrecia Blanchette