Honey Dips – God does not take naps…

t feels as if your world has suddenly shifted for the worse. Your options are few. Everything that is said or done to you hurts. You are sensitive. You are vulnerable. You are hurt. In the midst of the changes you just want to pause and cry, cry for all the emotions you are feeling but are not able to describe or explain. You wonder if God is sleeping; is He seeing everything you are experiencing; is He aware of how much this inner hurt is killing you on the inside?

Psalm 121: 3, has the answer for those of us who are experiencing inner hurt that leaves us anxious, pensive and vulnerable.

The psalm says, “He will not let your foot slip— He who watches over you will not slumber….”

The scripture suggests that our God is always awake, he does not take naps and we can find rest in His sleepless vigilance no matter the internal battles or external oppositions we are faced with currently. We do not have to fret and obsess and bury ourselves in work or in a crazed state of worry when are facing problems or challenging situations. We can be at peace because our God is wide wake – He is a wakeful, watchful loving Father who is concerned about us, loves us and is working consistently with us to reflect His image and rise above the current experience in our lives!

We can turn the One who never sleeps today. I can trust the One who never sleeps today. We can smile and be at peace because the One who never sleeps will never let you down. Our God stands secure; our God stands awake.


© 2013, Dentrecia Blanchette