One writer said, “Only the brave know how to forgive. It is the most refined and generous element of human virtue. Cowards have done good deeds and performed kind acts. Cowards have even fought and conquered. But cowards never forgive. It’s not in their nature, their hearts. The power to forgive flows only from a strength and a greatness of soul, conscious of its own humility and security and able to rise above all the little temptations of resenting every fruitless attempt to steal its happiness.”

We do not need a reason to forgive someone. We do not need to see real sorrow in the wrong doer to forgive someone. The situation does not have to make sense in order for us to forgive someone. That is not how it is for the Christian.

God has called us to forgive, let go of the hurt, resentment and anger and allow Him to work the situation for our good.

If we spend all our days looking for a reason not to be angry at the person or a reason to make sense of the situation in order for us to truly commit the act of forgiveness, we will spend all our days living wounded and hurt.

Many of us are bitter, angry, hurt because we have not forgiven. Sometimes, we will never truly gain an answer as to why something happened. Sometimes we will never know, not in this life anyway, why something was done to us; and so, sometimes we end up searching and searching for answers that aren’t meant to be revealed here on earth.

Will you spend your entire life searching for a reason to forgive someone?

You don’t need a reason to forgive someone. You don’t need a reason to free yourself and trust God with the injustice.

Forgiveness heals.

Forgiving the person relieves us of the burden and weight the issue once carried. Happy individuals realize that ‘people will disappoint you and they may not understand the implications of their actions or how much damage it caused you but God is in control and He will work everything out in my favor.’ Happy individuals know that to truly live, one must let God and truly let God be God.

Forgiveness frees.

Forgiveness frees you to enjoy all relationships and to live with peace and tranquility in your own heart.

Have you considered forgiving others so that you can be free?

Our Prayer: Lord, forgiveness takes faith and strength. Help us. We want to be free. Teach us how to forgive. Help us to forgive.

(Next week we will speak about practical ways to forgive a wrong doer. Stay connected.)

– Dee

(c) 2013, Dentrecia Blanchette

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