Mere suggestions

“Demon spirits can flash thought images into people’s minds to influence them in a particular direction. How Satan could do this we do not know, but we all recognize how evil influences—whatever their source—sway people. If men (and women) start dwelling upon such evil suggestions, they soon start creating a bright and exciting picture in their minds of what it would be like if only they put that idea into practice.

The more a person plays with the idea or suggestion, the more powerful and realistic it becomes. Soon it can take control of the mind to the point where an individual will find himself or herself doing things he or she knows shouldn’t be done. Demon spirits or other influences can take control of the life until nothing on the human level can break the hold.” Roger Morneau

Have you given God total control over your mind? Have you filled your mind with God’s word and promises?

I encourage you to ask God to guide your thoughts and give you the strength to overcome impulsive, negative thought suggestions. He has the power!

And when you are faced with temptations and suggestions, do not be surprised for no one is immune to facing temptations and distractions.

However, we are always given a choice to respond in a manner that disqualifies the power of the temptation and distractions or set it aflame.

How we respond to temptations and distractions depends ENTIRELY on the spiritual condition of our souls at the time. No one intends to cheat, fail, steal, lie, or kill but ignoring our spiritual conditions guarantees that we will give in to such destructive behaviors and emotions. Who we are on the inside comes to life in time of distress and in the face of defeat and temptation.

Will your character stand when faced with a temptation or distraction that has been customized to bring your demise? Will my character stand? Have we been beholding Christ to become like Him, to model His character?

We must begin to prepare now. We must begin to invest time in strengthening and beautifying our characters now, for when the strong winds of temptations and distractions blow our way, we will only have time to do one thing – respond; respond with what we have cultivated within our hearts and souls.

– Dee

(c) 2013, Dentrecia Blanchette