Honey Dips – Edit the Code

The computer is a tool we all use but did you know it was modelled after the human brain, rather the human body? Yes, the computer has a central place where all information is both handled and stored and an appropriate response is given; much like our own nervous system.

Computers and programs alike are built with both processes and sub-processes just like our conscience and sub-conscience and we can control and reprogram our sub conscience just as we can control or reprogram a computers sub-process to function how we like it.

When you give a computer a command to complete a specific process a series of sub-processes are initiated making your command possible. Likewise, when we consciously decide (process) to do something, our body makes it happen through automated or pre-configured responses (sub-processes).

So the question is posed, can we rewrite or control our sub-process? Truth be told it may seem impossible but it’s really not impossible but it is really hard to do. Your sub-conscious mind is made up of a series of conscious decisions you have made a long time ago and have become a habit of sorts and now you don’t think or decide to do them, they just happen.

Tonight, edit the code, limit the things in which you do not want to be apart of your person, limit them until they become none existent. Avoid places and atmospheres where these things can enter your mind. Think and practice thinking, this helps your brain to establish or rewrite your first response to situations and emotions that offend or affect you in life and just like a programmer you will have your body and your temple running the way you need it to be, the way God intended it to be.

Most if not all of these new “bits of code” come from the Bible —- the Word helps and shows us both the wrong things we should avoid and the right things we should foster. Spending time there allows one to really get an idea of who you are and how you function, it acts as a mirror which shows your were you are and where you need to be.

And do not forget to allow God, the chief and designer of all your software to really come in and remove the virus of sin that sometimes creates sub-processes that shouldn’t be there.

by Stephan Joseph

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