Honey Dips – It is never too late

Her hair was sprinkled with silver strands and the creases in her face testified of how long she lived on this earth. She was retired and the oldest individual in our marketing class – she stood out in a class pregnant with young, zealous marketing professionals. She did not allow her age or retired state to prevent her from pursuing education for purposes centered on self satisfaction.

After a group discussion after one class, we opened up to each other and she began sharing colorful tales of her 40 year old marriage to her best friend, her grandchildren’s and children’s lives and her professional life. She was a nurse for all her life but she secretly longed to work in the field of marketing; somewhere between her 55th – 60th birthday, she gained the courage and confidence to pursue new dreams and create new experiences.

It was at the ripe age of over 55 that she travelled to India and worked in an orphanage for three months, began painting, learnt to use an iPhone and  decided to go back to school to complete a course in marketing. I devoured her words like a child receiving food after days of starvation, I marveled in her courage and was inspired by her determination to pursue her dreams no matter the age. I assume she saw the intense wonder in my eyes because after her long tale, she smiled and uttered, “It is not too late to start something new, to pursue a new career or create a new dream. If I can do it, you can too.”

That was my experience one year ago, and to this day that experience still resonates with me.

You may be 20, 30, 55, 70, whatever the age and whatever the experience, know that it is never too late to start something new….If something is important to you today, pursue it….; don’t waste your life living in the shadows of regret or the years or time that have passed.

Outline what you want, take it to God in prayer and ask Him for the strength to remain committed to that new pursuit.

It is never too late to start again; go back to school, change a career, start a new diet, start a new exercise program, fix your credit, give love a chance, start dating again, get right with God, begin that new hobby, accomplish that goal, mend that relationship, experience a new culture.

You may have tried time and time again to pursue new dreams and in the middle of your pursuit you lost interest or you may have spent hours planning how you will pursue your new dream only to find yourself unable to take the first step in the a forward direction; your past slip ups were unfortunate but do not allow them to prevent you from embracing the new chance God has afforded you today to begin something new.

The process of achieving your new goal might take time but the weeks, months, years will pass quickly and you will be able to look back without regret. You may feel a bit burdened by the growing pains of moving forward and the new change while pursuing your new goal…do not become discouraged because God is with you at every turning point on the path toward a new experience.

Begin today…submit every plan in your head to God and ask Him for guidance.

Begin today…forgive yourself for your times you failed at pursuing your goals.

Begin today…outline what you desire to achieve.

Begin today… set realistic milestones or deadlines.

Begin today…motivate yourself daily to encourage yourself to achieve your goal.

Begin today…seek an accountability partner who will ensure that you remain committed to the pursuit even when you no longer desire to pursue it.

Begin today…one baby step at a time.

Begin today…focus on today, aware of the end result you wish to achieve but committed to giving your all today.

Begin today because it is never too late.

If you don’t take a step forward, you’ll always be in the same place.

Happy Monday!


© 2013, Dentrecia Blanchette