Honey Dips – Emotionally Wounded

“If you were treating the open wounds of accident victims you would realize that the most gentle, well-meaning touch could send patients reeling. You would not be offended if someone you were seeking to help lashed out in pain with almost involuntary action. You would half expect it. But imagine the confusion if the wounds were invisible and the person looked uninjured. Consider the further complication if in that person’s experience everyone who had tried to help (and how does he know you will be any different?) had in their ignorance done little but inflict pain.”

Emotionally wounded people cannot help but be highly sensitive. Words hit them like whips. It is vital then that they be treated verbally with the careful tenderness you would use if you were dressing gaping physical wounds. Once we understand the seriousness of emotional wounds, it’s surprisingly easy to employ the Christ-like graces of turning the other cheek and using the soft answer that turns away wrath.

When we realize an outburst is just the pain talking, we no longer take it to heart. Only a fool takes personally the actions of someone drunk with pain. Now, there is no excuse for being rude and disrespectful. But let’s try for a minute to look at everyone through Gods eyes, and maybe understand that alot of it is rooted in deepest inner pain and insecurities, we will be less quick to harshly judge and hurt them even further. Sometimes we give up too quickly on those whom God sends our way to help. Instead of attacking them, how can we make a difference in their lives?

Do you know someone in your own life who just can’t seem to be positive, ever? Who is rude, and aggressively annoying? Can we look beyond our own offense, and extend God’s Love towards them…even while they are doing things we don’t necessarily like or agree with?