Honey Bunny – A place of Loneliness?

You entertain conversation after conversation, text after text, and your feelings for this individual grow deeper by the minute. You know it is the beginning of something you are not ready to be responsible for. You hear the still voice of God saying, “She is a great woman but she is not the one I have for you, stop what you are doing.” “He is a man of standard but he is not the one I have for you, stop what you are doing.” Still you continue what you are doing because, “it is what it is.” You soon find yourself secretly hoping that she would see that you are enough to make what you have been fostering official. You soon find yourself secretly hoping that he would suddenly change everything he has devoted his time to and say, “I can’t live another day without you. You are my only option…I will do whatever it takes to make it work because I love you…” You know better but doing better just leads you to the one emotion you have been running from for months, if not years —- loneliness.

Too many of us have made a commitment to someone because of our deep feelings of loneliness and we are reaping the consequences of our decisions. Too many of us including myself have asked the Lord to send us a mate, knowing that we are only speaking from a place of loneliness and not a place of contentment. Too many of us are ignoring the voice of the Holy Spirit who is diligently warning us with each decision that we make that the road we are treading on is not the road that leads to the gift God has for our life.

Lord, today, we request that you ignore our requests for a mate whenever we speak from a place of loneliness. Lord, disturb our spirits whenever we commit acts because we are lonely. Convict us of the harm we are doing to ourselves and the other person because we want to pursue the desires of our own hearts while we are lonely. Teach us that we can only appreciate what you have for us in a place of contentment. Help us to find contentment in you!

Oh Lord today we repent of the sins and deeds and thoughts that we have committed because of our loneliness. We are ready to learn again… Teach us how to love ourselves again…help us to be content and make decisions from a healthy, content place of being.

– Dee

(c) 2013, Dentrecia Blanchette