Honey Dips – Barrenness

Our focus for this morning is that of Hannah’s prayer to God to open her closed womb so that she could have borne a son. Hannah was one of two wives of Elkanah, and she was barren. Hannah’s barrenness caused her to feel extremely depressed, and Peninnah Elkanah’s other wife, tormented her on the state of her womb and provoked her with every opportunity she could.

Though without child and humiliated and tormented by another, Hannah carried her emotions and desires before God. Hannah prayed to God to bless her womb so that she could have borne a son.  Hannah was honest about her misery with God, she did not bottle up her emotions, in fact she told God exactly how she felt (if you will only look upon your servant’s misery and remember me…”). Hannah prayed day and night and in a perfect time, God answered her prayer and Hannah gave birth to a son – Samuel.

Today you may have experienced barrenness in your life – a deep emptiness on the job, in your relationships, in your spiritual walk with Christ and like Hannah you have been praying for a miracle. Or maybe in this moment you are struggling to live a purposeful life in your season of seemingly emptiness and barrenness. The barrenness you feel is authentic and along with the production of fruitfulness in your life, you are burdened with a deep sense of hurt and dark emotions that sometimes seem uncontrollable. Whatever area in your life that you deeply desire for God to bless, take it to God in prayer; and remember to pray according to God’s will for your life. Do not allow your affliction to make you bitter and unhappy, wisely, turn your emotions and desires over to Christ. God is more than able to handle the raw emotions that you are experiencing.

I encourage you to keep praying because God will open up your ‘womb’ and spirit and you will bear nothing but positive fruits in your life in a time that is perfect. Your season of emptiness will be followed by a season of great blessing. Believe that!


© 2013, Dentrecia Blanchette

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