Honey Dips – Find Yourself

Sometimes we lose touch of who we are. We bury ourselves in the expectations of others and reflect the personalities and expectations of others, never really allowing our true selves to grow.

To find yourself sometimes you have to go way back to the last time you knew who you were. (It is time to go back, time to become yourself again, it is time to shake off all the things you knew you shouldn’t do and do the things you truly want to do.)

Paul once said, “For the good I know, I do not and the evil I know not, that I do” —– the Father works in mysterious ways, once hearkening to His voice He sends persons your way, persons who are like you and have found themselves to give you a word or a message that then triggers your mind into understanding more about yourself.

Be reminded that you are not the angry words your parents shouted at you, you are not the hate-filled stares that catch your glances. You are not the abuse that occurred to you. You are precious and beautiful, new and refreshing in the LORD.

The truth is there may be some things that are within the real you that are not the best character traits for a child of God but the only way they can become the best is if you take time to develop the good traits and turn it over to Christ. So turn yourself over to Christ and listen to His leading. God will work in you to remove from your life that undesirable trait.

– Stephan Joseph