Honey Dips – Fear of failing

The fear of failing sometimes outshines the will to succeed. Tonight, you might have been touched by fear, crippled in your corner, stuck in your worry, frozen in your situation, a slave to your dreams. It is time to MOVE. It is your time now! MOVE and starting doing the things that God has impressed upon your heart to do and change the world upside down.

Remember fear is not of God for He has not given us a fearful, timid spirit. Fear comes from the master deceiver, Satan. He wants to keep you crippled, stuck, frozen and a slave in and to your rut right now because he knows the moment you start doing, you and the community you live in will never be the same.

There is greatness in your bone marrow, power in your blood, success in your being. All the greatness, power and success that you have comes from God. It didn’t come from your family line, your educational background, your social status, or out of the mouths of individuals in society, it came from God.

Embrace the greatness, power and success that God has blessed you with! Declare that you have already been made victorious because indeed you have! Move in FAITH!

– Dee

(c) 2013, Dentrecia Blanchette