Honey Dips – Cut from a different Cloth

“She is made from a different cloth.”

That’s what they said at the funeral of my uncle about his wife who faithfully remained by his side until death. My aunt who possessed the quiet strength of an empowered, educated and experienced woman, was married to my uncle for 45 years —– their long lasting love inspired numerous couples in their local community. They loved each other with all their hearts but most importantly, they loved Christ above all else on earth. (A deep love for Christ makes it possible to love others unconditionally.)

When my uncle was diagnosed with cancer, my aunt made the sacrificial decision to quit her job as an Educator to take care of him.  At the time, I did not fully appreciate the sacrifice. I understood loving your partner with your entire being but I did not understand the love that propelled her to quit her job to personally take care of him with a nurse and learning medicine to be better positioned to cater to the needs of your husband. I didn’t understand that. I didn’t see many women in my society making such sacrifices for their husbands and deep in my soul I questioned her logic. (We doubt, fear and question that which we have not been exposed too.) The naysayers had their season and the discouragers and doubt planters had their field day, still as the strong-willed woman whom I admire so much, she remained resolute in her decision – to take care of her husband.

She later explained that making that decision was relatively easy for her because of the deep reverence and respect she had of the vow made during her wedding ceremony when she declared that she would love and take care of her husband, “for better or for worst, in sickness or in health”. According to her it was a sacred commitment made to her husband, family and friends, herself and most importantly, God. (Respect for and dependence on God makes it easy for us to keep our promises made to Him).

The men in the church genuinely jested and commented on the increased difficulty in finding a woman who would sacrifice so much for her husband even in sickness.

I considered the emotional, spiritual and financial burdens that my aunt bore for over six years while caring for my uncle and her divine strength and faith that increased year after year and I couldn’t help but agree with the men in the church that said, “she was made from a different cloth.”

We need more women who are “made from a different cloth” – women who own a sense of confidence and grace, who are strong yet meek, who have overcome varying trials and soared to new heights with a new sense of purpose. Women who do not crumble with every attack on their lives but are built in trying times.

Women who are submitted to God and are passionate about Christ. Women who truly serve Christ in every aspect of their lives and depend on His strength and wisdom daily, after fully realizing that they are nothing without a connection with Christ. A Godly woman fears the Lord. A woman who seeks God’s will over the approval of anyone else on earth. Her fear of God makes her aware of the future consequence of her choices. A Godly woman who avoids any present situation that would be destructive for her future usefulness to God. Women who pray more than they complain or worry.

Women who are more interested in the state of their hearts than their materialistic possessions. Women who adorn themselves modestly and give God the glory even in their choice of apparel.

We need more women who are “made from a different cloth” – women who are selfless and understand the importance of compassion. Women who understand that to be selfless is not equivalent to self-hate or denying self the healthy love that is required for it to blossom. Women who have accepted who she is in Christ and know the danger of living a life without Christ. Women who are dedicated to becoming a better woman than merely appearing to be a Godly woman.

We need more women who are “made from a different cloth” – women who trust love because love is God. They trust love no matter what happens because they are aware that love will see them through. Women who can see the mistakes and beauty of their significant others and not love their partners any less because they understand that love is a ministry and love should lead their partners closer to the heart of Christ.  Women who are willing to pray for their relationship daily and seek God’s counsels in maintaining relationships. These women understand that love is patient and it is never in a hurry, love is peace through all seasons, not worry cloaked in colorful apparel, love is faithfulness not physical or emotional infidelity. These women understand the beauty of love and the power it has to heal.

When I questioned my aunt about “being cut from a different cloth” she said “In order to be cut from a different cloth, you must give the Master Tailor (Jesus) your heart and He will cut you (sounds painful) and sew you (sounds healing) where it matters most and ultimately transform you into a masterpiece.”

I am taking her word for what it is!


(c) 2013, Dentrecia Blanchette



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