Honey Dips – I will trust the Sculptor

God is a sculptor, but not one limited to granite or marble. Instead, He sculpts our characters. He can take a sinful human being and mold and chisel and hammer away until that person reflects something of heaven’s glory. God has given extensive evidence of such profound skills. From cover to cover in Scripture, we find God taking persons we might disregard as unattractive and unworthy and fashioning them into something beautiful. This ushers peace into my heart.

How hard the artist works to put on canvas a perfect likeness of his model? How carefully the sculptor carves and chisels out the stone into a likeness of the copy he is following? The patient artist studies, works, and plans to make the results of his labors more perfect . The artist deals with lifeless material, from which he makes forms of beauty.

When Jesus sculpts your life it is no cosmetic facelift but a matter of life-changing orientation running deep and swift in its cleansing, shaping, and beautifying power. When Jesus sculpts and molds us he restores us into the “image of God.” God makes us new.

I dare you to trust the Sculptor, knowing that the knocks you will receive will chip away at your weaknesses, and restore your truth and beauty. All the Sculptor wants you to do is to be still and patient. His knowledge and power gives is powerful enough to give you the strength and courage to be still.

I dare you to hold the vision that God has of you and surrender your mind to the Spiritual Sculptor and keep yourself in His hands. When you do that, the thoughts inside your mind get focused spiritually on Him and as a result you will receive His spiritual energy, which will reshape and transform you.

Are you ready to be created into something new? What areas in your life need to be sculpted a bit more? How much resistance do you put up during what isn’t always a fun process? Do you trust the Sculptor?

– Dee

(c) 2013, Dentrecia Blanchette