Honey Dips – Bark-like Strength

You feel that the quandary you are in is your fault and that your escape is non-existent. Streams of thoughts bombard your mind and appear unlimited; for all you are capable of doing right now is carnally concocting a scheme to make it out of this hell. Your goals and mindset have become tainted. The ones you love the most, notice the change but are too afraid to acknowledge the inevitable change and lend a helping hand; but as your friend and a fellow struggler, I bring to you the naked truth.

Strip yourself of the negative thoughts that all is lost and hang in there for you are a warrior, a soldier, a fighter. You may not know it but tenacity is rimmed in your bone marrow. Determination is layered under you epidermis. Faithfulness is attached to the follicles of your hair. You were created to be an inspiration and a survivor. It is when we are emotionally confined that we display an abnormal behavior. This is the time to display that abnormal behavior in difficult time- strength. You can be strong when things are super and dandy but it is right now that your strength matters.

Strip yourself of that baby-like strength that is fickle and develop a bark like strength that protects the you within. If we simply put it all out there, we are surely bound to be unnecessarily and undeservingly hurt, thus we have to grow a thick layer of skin and a bark that protects the soul from damage against parasitical relationships, fungal and bacterial spiritual and academic attacks that could cause decay, and those herbivorous animals in work, school or play that nibble at our values and cores until we become a naked stem-useless to ourselves. On the way to the top, you have to master your emotions with dignified perfection. On the way to the top, bugs are going to crawl on your surface, life may strip a layer of strength from your bark, the sun may steal your shine and turn it dry and ashy but stay focused on your focus.

The Naked Truth is this: This difficult time you are experiencing is a simple test of character, loyalty and truth and it is your moment to shine, develop a thicker skin and claim what is yours- victory. This is not the end. Wipe your tears, channel your inner strength toward positivity, seek a confidant, vent you woes, buck up, get up, pick yourself up and embrace reality and the beauty it offers. Rise in the face of captivity, hurt and hopelessness for YOU POSSESS A BARK-LIKE STRENGTH!

– Dee
(c) 2013, Dentrecia Blanchette

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