Honey Dips – My Nathan

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When King David sinned, the Holy Spirit spoke to him constantly warning him about his acts of destruction, offering him pardon for what he had done, beckoning him to repent. And like many of us who live in sin or are not aware of the sinful ditch we are in, David ignore the voice of the Holy Spirit.

But does the Lord give up on us and quit when we ignore Him time and time again? No. He pursues us relentlessly, using whatever means He pleases to speak to us and save us.

The Lord then used Nathan to give David a message because David turned his ears to the biddings of the Holy Spirit.

Nathan could have chosen to play it safe and withhold the message that God gave him from David. Nathan could have chosen in fear to not face the king with the grave message. He had options and in spite of all the options he had to run away from a task that seemed more dangerous than desirable, he chose to be used by God.

Many of the persons God sends our way to help us through a deciding stage, a difficult period or a moment of weakness, have options but they choose to be used by God to help us because they love us and love God and His will more.

Truth be told, God will send a Nathan in our lives to give us a word from Him, a warning, and a solid word of counsel. He will work through someone to pull us up and show us where we have been going wrong. It is in such moments that we need to repent and utter like David, “I have sinned against the Lord” and seek the God who can change our hearts and forgive our actions and restore His image within us.

Don’t let your ego or pride push your Nathan away, don’t let your shame and guilt sentence his death…your Nathan may just be the messenger used by God to save your life.

– Dee

(c) 2013, Dentrecia Blanchette