Honey Dips – It died to give birth to something greater


It hurts when you have been jaded and served garbage for dinner by individuals whom you trusted. It hurts when a dream that you invested in is crushed by Phariseetical leaders and people. It hurts not being able to control the situation.

Though it hurts, we must choose not be consumed by the bitterness and hurt because God has something greater for us. We must choose to trust God because all of life is a series of choices.

Should one be consumed by bitterness because the environment dictates that you should be bitter? Should one remain aloof, and hurt because all the cards you were dealt were unfair? Should one remain in the mire because the fulfillment of a dream was crushed by those you trusted? Absolutely not.

We are called to rise above. That is not a cliche but rather the call to which children of God are called to do. Rise above, for it is what champions in Christ do.

At the end of the day, it is not about the hurt, betrayal, bitterness or injustice, it is about the relationship with Christ that you have.

Did the situation reveal God’s purpose in your life? Did it uncover the warts in your soul? Did it lead you to Christ to depend fully on His strength and guidance? Did it open your mind to the spiritual decayed state that you have been existing in? Look beyond the hurt for a second with God’s help and think about what this situation blessed you with.

God sometimes uses rough situations to teach us tough lessons for us to fulfill His greater will.

Oh, how many have been used as pawns for the devil to serve as mere distractions to those who profess to follow Christ. Oh, how many are unaware that they are fulfilling the evil agenda of the master deceiver because they have not submitted their hearts to Christ. Oh, how many are distracted and discouraged to the point of immobility because they set their eyes on the things around them and not on the things above.

Perhaps this winter-like experience of yours is an expansion of the original dream or pursuit. Maybe this dream, relationship, season had to die for another one, a more God-approved one, a more influential, spirit filled one to come into fruition.

– Dee

(c) 2013, Dentrecia Blanchette